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The 1889 Barn sits on a 21 acre property sits on the mountain side filled with wildflowers, making it one of the best spots on Bozeman to watch the sunset.  The barn is about 12 miles from downtown Bozeman. The 133 year old barn has acted as many over the years, a place to call home to the settlers of Bozeman, A place for horses and critters a like to escape the snowy Montana winters, and storage for hay. We want to share this beauty in its next stage of life so now it will be restored to create beautiful small scale events.

We're a team of indvidials that love all that Montana has to offer, we want to share that passion with guests at the Barn.

The 1889 Barn will host small scale events that have a big impact, the spring fed creek that goes through the property along with unforgettable views will make it the perfect background for your events. 

Quick Facts:
  • We are set up for 20 guests max
  • Event times are 9am-3pm and 5pm-11pm 
  • We are a one stop shop, vendor lists available

How many girls own an old cool barn?  Well, I do!  When it was brought up that I was needing to focus on an actual project of my own versus supporting everyone else’s I looked into the matter. I was told I was suppose to look for a project I was passionate about.  Turns out that my cool old barn fills my heart. So, I started all the research on restoration, I made a plan , found a gifted contractor, sketched out a vision with budget and went to the bank.  This was happening.  I was determined, and I knew I’d need a lot of that determination to make it through the process and see it to the end. 


Fast forward to the barn flying….


Your passion project is something you lean into with all your heart.  As I learned today your project can also come close to giving you an actual heart attack.  My 1889 Barn is being saved.  She stood for 133 years and stood strong.  We made her a new foundation and then simply had to lift her onto it.  Simply… it meant shoring her up to prepare for take off. 


The emotions I processed from the time the crane first arrived until the driver told me after they packed up that the barn maxed out the crane’s capacity was overwhelming.  Yes, not to talk about a girl’s weight but she came in at 12 tons.  Getting back to my emotions, again passion project equals emotions but to be flooded with just doubting  that I should’ve ever started, and cursing all the people that encouraged me.  I thought what a stupid idea this actually is.  I tried to calm myself and told myself to be brave. Then I thought, oh no, the barn is going to move through the air.  Who let me proceed anyway?  Passion projects are stupid! Does no one care enough about me to point out that I’m an idiot?   I was angry at my contractor, but he realized I was just nervous when I told him I’d wished I never met him.  My son took up a vantage point across the creek, I’m pretty sure just to get away from me. He did get a great video of the lift. 


 So  yeah, lift, she flew.  My barn can fly. I saw it. I was still shaking an hour later, but composed myself to send the video around.  Success.  I kind of believe in miracles now.  Someone described it as watching a suspenseful movie.  It was exactly that, but real, not a darn movie.  So real.  I stood there not believing what I was seeing with my own eyes. I really don’t remember breathing but it must of kept happening.  I’m positive I’d never want to live through this experience again. Glad I only have one barn to restore.


I left the property  after it was all over with, but wanted to hurry back to be with her before dark.  When I got home I drove up close, and I sat in my truck crying tears of joy.  This is passion.  This barn that I’m saving with all these wonderful people helping will be the most fabulous place for people to share happy moments with each other.  The energy of the barn on top of the foundation is great.  This is a giant step forward for both me and for the barn.  The restoration is truly able to be finished now.   The people will come to enjoy.  They get to live in the history.  I’m sharing the barn I love and because I love her she can be shared. See I’m still a blabbering mess like earlier in the day when she was dangling in the air.  Talk about minutes of having time stand still.  



· Absolutely no open flame candles

(exception for birthday cake candles)

· NO champagne corks to be popped indoors

· No destructive décor, this means no nails, tape or damage causing adhesives.

· No non-biodegradable confetti and no confetti inside

· No overnight parking

·  We can help with placement of tables, tents, live music, and other equipment 

We are a serv safe environment and will help with your bar needs.

· We do not have a commercial kitchen, in fact we do not have an oven. Caterers know the system without!

· We highly recommend third party event insurance, this is explained in your rental agreement.

All outside vendors must be approved and we will happily coordinate.

Your time here will be a forever memory.  We promise.

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