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The 1889 Barn 

A beautifully restored small event venue that is located on 21 acres in Gallatin Gateway. Making your small events happen family celebrations, corporate dinners, work and social gatherings.

 Explore the Barn
The 1889 Barn was restored for you in 2022.  It is a unique space for you to experience. A passion project that will resonate with your heart.

The 1889 Barn Restoration

Is it strange to miss sitting in the loft at sunset after almost falling through the floors to get to the window?  That window now is part of the "Open to Below" feature in the loft. 


It doesn't snow inside anymore!  Please see our gallery for the final pictures. 

We added a bathroom and Bar to where this picture was taken....well and floors too, not dirt.....


Our outdoor space is a completely fenced in garden with a propane fireplace to gather around.  When you are outside your job is to listen to the creek.  The barn is living in history. It's a "turn off and breathe zone".  There a separate bathhouse through the garden gate and down the path made up of salvaged old floor boards from the 1889 Barn. 

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Visit the 1889 Barn at 
12670 Portnell Road
Bozeman, Montana 59718


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